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Don’t Miss Out -  Summer Reading Books 

Friends of Yung Wing, Inc. is pleased to offer your child one (1) free book to read over the summer break to help maintain his/her reading level.  If you are interested in a free book, please rank your choices from 1st to 4th in order of preference.  We will do our best to get you the book that you prefer as long as it is available.  The book will be delivered to the classroom teacher.  

Forms due Friday, April 29th.


容閎之友很高興地為您孩子提供一本免費閱讀書本,希望在暑假期間能幫助保持他/她的閱讀水平。如果您對免費閱讀書本感興趣,請按偏好從1到4排名。我們會盡力為您提供您最喜歡的書。我們會將書本交付給老師分發。請在 4/29 (星期五)之前填寫表格.