What are civic duties in the eyes of the students of P.S.124?

"Civic Education and Civic Responsibility should be taught in elementary school." - Donna Brazile

Friends of Yung Wing, Inc. hosted a writing contest for the students of P.S. 124 on What is Civic Duty. Each had to demonstrate what Civic Duty meant to them.  Winners of the Civic Duty writing / drawing contest were:

- Timothy Yung - K-113

- Alice Wong - 2-205

- Kathleen Xiao - 5-329


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Book Donation at P.S. 124's Community Fair

Friends of Yung Wing Literacy Initiative

As part of our Literacy Initiative, Friends of Yung Wing, Inc. donated a book to every P.S. 124 student who registered and attended the school fair on June 3, 2017. We very proudly distributed over 120 books during the fair.  The goal of the book distribution was to promote literacy and independent reading.

Reading exposes young minds to new things, helps them improve understanding, helps build communication skills, boosts imagination and creativity, and creates lifelong readers.

First Aid and CPR - Training

Human life is very fragile.  However, learning First Aid and CPR can save a life or minimize additional harm.  

CPR is a life-saving technique that helps maintain some blood flow to the brain and heart, and can help "buy time" until paramedics arrive with more advanced care.

Robotic Workshop wih StuyPulse

Friends of Yung Wing, Inc. is partnering with StuyPulse, Stuyvesant High School's award-winning FIRST Robotics team. Otherwise known as Team 694,hosted workshop on Jan 21, 2017.  Students from Pre K to 5  designed and  make stop motion animations. 

40th Anniversary of Yung Wing School P.S. 124

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop

2016 marked the 40th Anniversary of Yung Wing School P.S. 124. To celebrate, Friends of Yung Wing sponsored the 40th Anniversary Gala on Friday, May 20th at Jing Fong Restaurant.


During this auspicious occasion, Friends of Yung Wing honored New York State Senator Daniel Squadron, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and National Asian Artists Project.  

- Daniel Squadron for his exemplary service as our community ally ensuring safety in our neighborhood and advocating quality education for our children.

- Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association for advocating quality education in the Chinese American community and helping to provide services to benefit young minds in shaping them as leaders of tomorrow.

- National Asian Artists Project for inspiring the children to shine and encouraging them to achieve their artistic talents.  

On behalf of the PS124 Administration, 40th Anniversary Committee, Friends of Yung Wing, Inc. and P.S. 124 PTA, we want to thank you for your donation.  It helped fund our non-profit's efforts to bring these programs into PS 124 and the community we serve.

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